Monday, December 1, 2008

Release Photons Torpedo!

I got an email the other day about a little (not really) group out of San Francisco called Photons.  Now, it could've been awesome like proton packs or kill me like proton torpedos.  Luckily, it was awesome like a proton pack!

The groups sound on their eponymous six song EP ranges anywhere from the "Take Me out" party shuffle of Franz Ferdinand on a song like "What Do You Want From Me" to sweet Indie-pop on "This Must Be Love."  Musically, their sound is amazing considering the marching band instruments they play.  Everything from bassoon to clarinet to, yes, glockenspiel!  Luckily, the instrumentation of the eight-person group doesn't get in the way of each other.  Each instrument sounds meticulously placed into just the right spot never getting in the way of the other.  

The group shows a lot of promise for a band that has only been together since the Spring of this year.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if you hear a lot of things about Protons in the '09, y'all.  

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