Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Calexico Carried To Dust

I'm a little late to the Calexico way late.  But, the other day ago I got their latest album Carried To Dust and I've been captivated ever since.  I've always really liked flamenco guitar and mariachi horns and it seems as though Calexico can fill both of those things in one beautiful stroke.  

At times listening to songs like the stunning "The News About William" is like being on a trail ride with Glenn Ford in an old western.  At other times songs like "Victor Jara's Hands" and "Two Silver Trees" is like sitting on the front stoop of an adobe home in the Southwest as you listen to your buddies play their guitars.  The interplay between Spanish and English singing is amazing. 

This album is nothing short of beautiful.  Even though I'm late to the greatness of Calexico I'll be sure to be picking up more of their albums and catching their live show.

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