Friday, December 5, 2008

Live Spoon In Denton!!

It's a cold, cold day her in The D and days like this lend themselves to searching for random shiz on the world wide interweb. So, I found this little gem while looking for something else: Spoon bootleg from right here in the DdFW are circa 2002. It's a live taping of their show at September 10, 2002 at Rubber Gloves up north there in Denton. If I'm not mistaken this is pre-O.C., so, they were popular, but, not among the SMU crowd yet.

I'm a bigtime fan of this band, so, the best part for me is the one-two-three...four (!) punch of songs off Series of Sneaks that I've yet to hear the handfull of times I've seen them live.

You can get the show here, along with a boat load more from many, many artists.

1. Intro
2. Something To Look Forward To
3. Me & the Bean
4. Take A Walk
5. Lines in The Suit
6. 30 Gallon Tank
7. Metal Detektor
8. Utilitarian
9. Minor Tough
10. Everything Hits At Once
11. The Way We Get By
12. Paper Tiger
13. Someone Something
14. All The Pretty Girls Go To City
15. I Could See The Dude
16. Fitted Shirt
17. Anything You Want
18. Jonathon Fisk
19. Chicago At Night
20. Car Radio
21. Waiting For The Dude


nane said...

listened to a bit of it before i left for my sister's house. lots of crowd noise, i.e. talking during songs. are you sure this wasn't from the gypsy tea room?

Bona Fide Darling said...

Well, I can only go by the way it's listed. I've never been to a show in Denton. Maybe the curse of the Gypsy Tea Room is everywhere no matter what city or venue.