Thursday, January 15, 2009


Last night FX graced us with another twisty-turny episode of Damages.  I love it the same way I love Lost--I never exactly know what to believe or whom to trust.  Loves it.

But, I was excited to see Marcia Gay Harden in her first appearance of the season.  I can't exactly put my finger on why, but, I find Marcia Gay oddly attractive.  Believe me I know I really shouldn't, she doesn't have the classic beauty.  Something about her just makes me want to get in her pants.  Sadly, Ted Danson's character did not make an appearance in this episode.  But, a new characters true colors were shown and he's super creepy.  

I was hoping E Dub was going to have recaps of it again this year.  But, sadly that's not happening.  However, the A.V. Club has all your recap excitement here.

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Kelly said...

no, you are on to something. i found her quite hot and that was a first for me with her for sure...maybe not as hot as that neko picture below, though..