Friday, January 30, 2009

What's The Trouble With Andrew?

I think I'd seen this guy's name around the blogosphere de musica, but, I'd never really paid him much attention.  That is until tonight when I saw his video on the pi'ture box.  

Trouble Andrew is an ex-Olympic snowboarder who is engaged to Santogold.  Not a bad pedigree to start a music career with.  Unfortunately, the first thing I read about him was this none to flattering review that called his music "douche-wave," ouch.

However, the only douchey thing I see about him is his snotty attitude.  And, that is only what I got from his video for "Chase Money."  My first impression of the video was a Beastie Boys vide--I love hip-hop and Thrasher Magazine.  
But, to me, this song is an new version (in tone only) to Nine Inch Nails "Head Like A Hole."  No, it's not industrial, but still very electronic in nature...electro if you will.  Not a vicious rant against materialism of Mr. Reznor, more like the words of a dude who lost the girl to the rich dude in a John Hughes movie.  

Oh, and this could also be about any number of people who frequent Uptown.  Just sayin'.

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Justine said...

saw them live in boston, they were okay. kinda not my style...