Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, last nights season premier of Lost was a bit of a letdown.  I thought it was alright, but, not great.  After the writing from last season I was really hoping for a bit more.  The two hour premier seemed to lay the ground work for this season.  But, after watching and reading some Lost stuff, this season and next will answer more question than it asks.

Here are some theories:

The British soldier who drew down on Juliet and Sawyer was Charles Widmore.

The white haired lady is Faraday's mom. 

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Cindy Chafffin said...

OhmiGAWD!!! I'm like a bigger peed my pants Lost fan than anyone! So much so, that I put off watching my DV'rd opener until tonight as I awaited the upload of the you'n'Travis interview. I LOVED IT! But, I "wanted to love it," like a gal's first boyfriend...sigh.

We need to hook-up a Lost watching party...with a band playin' during intermission!