Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Fieros Get Back To Work

When I saw The Fieros they were still The Valentines and opening up for Radiant* at The Cavern (It was the first date for me and the Mrs.)  We were instantly smitten with the sonic boom pumping out of their speakers.

Then, they moved away. Last year Joey McClellan, Aaron McClellan, Chris Holston and McKenzie Smith left The D to head to the Brooklyn burough and make their name in the city that never sleeps.  As they headed to the home of TV on The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and countless others I was afraid their style would change from the garage rock rave ups they were doing here.  Well, the year away has done them some good.  Their sound hasn't changed per se, but, it's a little different.

I'm really diggin' "In My Veins"--sonically it's the most significant of their musical change.  While it still holds the garage power on the lead guitar lines, the rhythm guitar sounds jangly and more along the lines of something you would hear from Oasis.  "Songbird" and "To Pieces" have both been re-recorded.  The reverb on the vocals recalls Ian Brown of The Stone Roses.

I still think this band has what it takes to make a name for themselves.  Here's hoping they do.

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