Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Cool Kids Like Pennies

Finally there's a new video from Chicago's own The Cool Kids.  And, it's for one of my favorite cuts from them called "Pennies."  It's cool to see Chuck Inglish rockin' the retro (and snug) Joe Dumars jersey.  It took them long enough to come out with The Bake Sale, so, hopefully the album "Pennies" will be on, When Fish Ride Bikes, will be out soon.

There is one thing I'm not diggin' about the vidie--Chuck and Mikey are not to good with the lip synching.  I'm assuming that it because the playback was sped up so the video could have the slow-mo feel.

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Subservient Experiment said...

I think this song was on that sampler cd they were throwin out at the Q-Tip show.They were by far the best act on the disc.