Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Broken West - Now Or Heaven

Sometimes in this crazy bloggin' world you come across a lot of turds.  Then there are the sweet times when a label sends you a CD and it's actually worth talking about.  The latter would be the case with Now Or Heaven by The Broken West.  

I only heard about them through a Merge Records email and like TBW song they attached "The Auctioner."  I was in a sweet state of awe when I listened to the track.  It had a nice indie sound that I have so come to enjoy over the years.  Oh, and it has a sweet piano groove in it.  As I got further into the album tracks like album opener "Gwen, Now And Then" combined with soulful sound of a label mate Spoon, combined with TV on The Radio electronic drum sound.  

In short, it's going to give you an extra bit of hipster cred you so desperately yearn for two reasons:  It's a damn good album and not a lot of people know about The Broken West.  Do not sleep on this album!  It's got the goods (Like Madeline Woods).

Oh, bonus--they are coming to Lil' D and playing Dan's Silver Leaf on September 30 and The Mohawk in Austin October 1.  I tried to hip you guys to them a while back, but now you have to listen to me!

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