Thursday, September 11, 2008


At this point most people who enjoy music know that Kanye West has a super-sized ego. Well, today we find out that he also has a short fuse. He attacked some paparazzi at LAX airport for taking pictures of him and videotaping him.

Granted, being super famous has it's perks like money and girls. It also has it's drawbacks like constantly being photographed or video taped everywhere you go. But, that's the price of fame and either you take it or you act like the King of The Douchebags and attack the paps and destroy their equipment. I'm sure it is annoying always wading through a sea of paparazzi...but, again, that's the price you pay. And, most of the time it is in public and the paps have as much right to be there as you do and you as an artist are helpless to stop them.

But, do you really need to destroy their equipment when they are yards away from you and not up in your grill? Anyhoo, you can check out the video here at TMZ.

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