Thursday, September 11, 2008

Color Me Busted!

It's been a busy last seven days for has been recording artists.  Last week Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd was arrested for domestic abuse.  You may remember him as the hunky frontman turned fat tire barn worker.  It seems Mr. Abrams threatened the woman by saying “I’m a kill you! You and me! You and me!” and also punched her in the nose.  Ahhhhh, chivalry is alive and well!

Now, this week Eric "Hungry Eyes" Carman (don't act like you didn't like that song back in the day!) was arrested for DUI when his SUV slammed into a fire hydrant.  What is most impressive is that he blew .23 into the breathalizer.  Talent, all talent.

I would like to think that one of their arrests went something like the video below.  I'm going to say Abrams was prolly the one who was most like that guy.

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