Saturday, September 27, 2008

Centro-Matic Daytrotter Session

It was  a pleasant surprise to see that Centro-Matic has joined the list of notable alumni of the Daytrotter Sessions this week.  The former Denton boys visited the studio and laid down six new versions of several songs spanning their previous albums.  

An article on the page talks about how Centro-Matic, particularly Will Johnson, delicately straddle the line between sad songs without going completely over the edge.  And the selected tracks on here fit that description accurately.  Along with each track is a short paragraph about the inspiration for each song.  

I highly recommend the stunning version of "I, The Kite" from Dual Hawks--it's better than the original version.  Each track is free to download, so get over there and get 'em!


"Counting The Stars" from Dual Hawks
"Gas Blowin' Out of Our Eyes" from All The Falsest Hearts Can Try
"Nothin' I Ever Seen" from Fort Recovery
"I, The Kite" from Dual Hawks
"Good as Gold" from Redo The Stacks
"Quality Strange" from Dual Hawks

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