Thursday, September 25, 2008

Musical Obsession

I told you guys a while back about singer/songwriter Matt Miller.  I've been listening to his newest EP, EPII, pretty much non stop since then.  The entire album is fantastic, however I've been listening to the track "The Question Still Remains" on pretty much constant repeat.  

"I'll get lost along the way, if that's what it takes to find some peace of mind." I love that line, it has a very sweet, youthful optimism about it.  That line is one that reminds me about the endless possibilities in life.  It's a song that can remind you of that special someone that may have gotten away.  Maybe that special someone that you are with that your trying to figure out.  It may remind you of the you you're trying to figure out.  It's a nice love songs without trying to be a love song.

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