Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jessica Lea Mayfield

When I go to a show I usually like to get to the venue early because I always like to check out the opening band.  Sometimes you are treated to a great show by a great band you've never been exposed to--that's how I got turned on to Delays and The Clientele.  Well, that's what happened this past Friday when I went to see The Black Keys--I got turned on to Jessica Lea Mayfield.

I knew absolutely nothing about her before the show started, but, I left a fan.  To date she only has an LP, With Blasphemy So Heartfelt, and an EP titled White Lies.  Her style reminded me of a folky, twangy, Americana version of Mazzy Star.  And from the blog articles I've read since I've seen her make the same comparisons.  Her songs about love and are so haunting, honest and heartfelt, but not depressing.  She's only 19 and her songwriting does reflect that somewhat.  However, instead of it coming off like a girl with little world experience, it reflects the anticipation and sweetness of new found love.

You can also check out her feature on NPR's "World Cafe" here.

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