Monday, September 8, 2008

Ruining My Youth

I, like a lot of all-American men have been waiting for this past opening weekend for the NFL for months now.  However, imagine my shock when I saw that damned NFL Network commercial with the country-fied verse from "Everyday Is Like Sunday."  I'm sure Moz is a futbol fan, but not a football fan.

I know everyone has to make their money when and where they can.  But, I never imagined Morrissey or his label would let them use that song to promote the NFL.  It's sad for me to hear music I absolutely love get used in a commercial.  Well, in a badly placed commercial.  I don't think they've read the lyrics to "Every Day Is Like Sunday."  

That being said, the Cowboys are 1-0...Super Bowl here we come!!!

1 comment:

nane said...

if someone else records the song, can't they use the cover version to circumvent not being able to use the original version if not agreed upon by the original artist?