Monday, May 18, 2009

The Best And The Rest

I'll have to admit that I wasn't (and am still not) blown away by The Rest.  However, there is something there that doesn't make me want to quickly turn it off or skip to the next song.  I couldn't make myself turn their music off, I couldn't.  The music kept me engaged and listening... their album Everyone All At Once is definitely a grower, not a shower.  Their album plays out like Coldplay's dour little brother throwing a tantrum to get attention.  The Rest do ape the sound of Colplay just a little bit, only with a less pretentious twist.  Their music isn't necessarily uplifting, but, I don't think that's what the band is going for.  

Even though I said I wasn't blown away by them, I've listened to their album a couple of times now and it's completely mesmerizing.  By the end even though you know it may be Coldplay's dour little brother, you come to realize he's cooler than his older sibling.  

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