Thursday, May 14, 2009

Under The Cover

Imagine my surprise last night while I watched the most awesome episode of Lost ever when I heard a cover of my favorite songs of the 80's on a Lincoln MKS commercial.  Yeppers, it seems the kids originally from Shawnee, OK, Shiny Toy Guns have done gone off and cover Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home)."  

It's not bad, definitely not as great as the original, but, not bad.


Anonymous said...

Its a great cover. Funny story: I happen to work at the ad agency that did this, while I didn't personally make the ad, I know the Ford/Lincoln has gotten complaints regarding this song because Major Tom comes to an early end. People complain about the weirdest things. Good song and glad the band is getting great exposure from the ad.

Bona Fide Darling said...

Yeah, I'm really diggin' it too.