Friday, May 1, 2009

Under The Cover

I know relatively few things about British chanteuse Adele, but here's what I do know:  killer voice, pretty face, she plays the bass and she's healthy.  But, she sings like a champ.  Here's what I know about Santigold:  she use to be called Santogold, she's engaged to a snowboarder, her music is fantastic.

So, all of that being said I came across a sweet ass cover of Santigold covering Adele's "Hometown Glory."  Good stuff.

MP3:  Santigold - Hometown Glory (Adele cover)

*Update*  Thanks to Travis Hopper and the wonders of social networking I could not go on today without posting this little gem... The Oak Ridge Boys covering The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army."  Genius.

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