Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Run, Ronnie, Run!

I'm not sure what my attraction to sad songs is... but, they are always the songs I will latch onto first.  Even if they aren't sad, per se, just kind of lonely.  Once I heard local boy Ronnie Fauss' "The Saddest Love That's Ever Been Made," the hook was definitely set and the rest of his album New Songs For The Old Frontier Vol. 1 continued to reel me in.

His album runs from the tear-jerky opener "The Saddest Love That's Ever Been Made" to the had-one-too-many bar anthem "The Last" in americana fashion.  I think one of the things that automatically drew me in is the familiarity in his voice, his voice is very similar to former New Frontiers singer.  I dig Fauss' raspy, seemingly whiskey soaked voice, in my head it gives his music a bit of authority.  But, I think the biggest thing that really drew me into his music is the subtle hopeful quality that each song has underneath the sad, lonely veneer.  

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