Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday Fun Times

Saturday night me and the Mrs. went out to see The Atoms/Eastwood/100 Damned Guns show at the City Tavern.  It was the first time I'd been to City Tavern and I like the place.

The Atoms were a pretty good band, they had the rock swagger with a bit o' Southern twang thrown in.  But, the night really belonged to Eastwood and 100 Damned Guns.  During the Eastwood set they busted out a sweet gem from my youth, they covered Eddie Rabbit's "Drivin' My Life Away."  I was super stoked to hear that one, hadn't heard it in a loooong time.

100 Damned Guns were great as always.  I think I overheard the manager telling one of the band members the owner really liked them and wanted them to come back and play.  Good for them.  The Guns closed out their set with a sweet Waylon cover of "Good Hearted Woman" which I always dedicate to my wife.

But, the most entertaining thing of the night was the guy in the above video.  I kinda feel sorry for him, but I kinda don't.  You see, he was obviously very intoxicated and just having a good time.  But, it was fun to see someone that drunk and having a good time.  But, it was also just really, really funny to see this guy doin' whatever he was doing.


Anonymous said...

Poor guy, looks like he had just a little bit too much to drink.

Bona Fide Darling said...

Yeah, I think you could say that. But, at least he was having a good time!