Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Running On Empties

From contributing to DC9 at Night I've learned there really isn't purely original music that comes out. I'm not exactly sure what would come out that would be innovative, it would probably have to be a band that uses a hollow log as their drum... but, I digress.

Athens, GA band The Empties are a group that seemingly wear their influences firmly on their sleeves. Throughout their self-titled debut you can't help but hear the Brit Daniel-esqe vocal style in just about every song. That isn't to say that Spoon is there only influence or that the band is intentionally aping the bands style, because their not. "Reflect a Star" reminds me of The Monkees, while "Junkie" reminds me of The Helio Sequence and "Something's Wrong" reminds me of Rooney's first album.

By name-checking bands with that many different styles you would think the band's sound is all over the place. However, they wrangle their sound into one cohesive sound, with only subtle things to remind you of different bands. With all the comparisons aside, The Empties put together a pretty damn good album full of garage rock, piss and vinegar.


Anonymous said...

These guys sound a lot like Spoon.

Christine said...

Wow, I really dig these guys! Thanks!