Monday, May 11, 2009

Boston Americana Pa'ks The Ca' in The Ya'd

I admittedly don't know a lot about Boston's musical heritage.  I do put the following things with Boston:  NKOTB, Bob Ryan, The Sox, Celtics, racism, Aerosmith, Southies, Harvard, The Afleck brothers and apples.  However, what I don't identify with Boston is Americana music of any kind.  But, apparently I was wrong about that.

Session Americana have nice inflections of old-timey music and a bit of twang.  But, "I Can't Get Out" is a great song for a rainy day like today.


Kelly said...

Check out Sarah Borges...she is Americana and from Boston and so sweet and clean....

boyhowdy said...

Though in the eighties it was more known for the hardcore/punk/ska scene, there's actually a huge and thriving set of overlapping folk and americana scenes in Boston these days. Especially worth watching for: the Rose Polenzani/Jennifer Kimball set, and the great newgrass and Celtic and folksounds coming out of Boston's Berklee school of music (everyone from Crooked Still to the Folk Arts Quartet to Emma Beaton to the Boston Boys to Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers...).

Rose actually recorded her most recent album with Session Americana, and many of the Berklee folks turned up at the Boston Celtic Music Fest with them this year. I've posted many of these groups here and there on Cover Lay Down, too.