Friday, April 25, 2008

The Many Hank Williams

For a few years now I've been letting my guard down and embracing the "old" or "classic" country I grew up on. I remember when I was young and loving the hell out of Alabama, Waylon, Hank, Jr., Ronnie Milsap and artists like them.

Then I got older and rebellious and listened to rock and the hip-hops and regularly made disparaging remarks about "hillbilly" country music. Now, I'm not saying I'm sitting at home watching CMT all day or that I have my dial tuned to Country stations in my truck. However, I'm more apt to listen to it now without feeling guilty for liking it.

However, I've found out that I'm routinely drawn to the more "outlaw" side of the country music seen. Be it the Red Dirt sound, Alt-Country or Bluegrass, as long as it has a hint of rebellion in it, I'm all about it. (Or, 'bout it 'bout it) My brother turned me on to Hank 3 several months ago and I finally picked up his latest CD and I have to tell you I'm blown away. The whole CD is packed with choice cuts. There isn't an ounce of filler in Strait To Hell. It's packed with the same outlaw spirit his dad had and his grand dad as well.

It's weird to hear/see three generations of a family that all have the same rebellious streak. Hank, Sr. didn't want to conform to the rules of the early country music scene. Bocefus didn't want to live in his fathers shadow, then struck out on his own rebellious way. Hank 3 seems to be rebellious because of a neglectful father and went punk before going to a punk attitude yet traditional sound.

Regardless, all three generations of Hank Williams have something that is good and worth checking out.

Fun Fact: You can get into any field party in a small country town as long as you have AC/DC's Back in Black and any Hank, Jr.

Hank Williams - I Saw The Light (mp3)

Hank Williams, Jr. - A Country Boy Can Survive (mp3)

Hank Williams III - Dick In Dixie (mp3)

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