Monday, April 14, 2008

Will You Stay Here And Rock My World?

Did anyone watch the finale of Rock of Love 2? Man, Ambre was ready to do what it took to get her man wasn't she? Damn! She pulled her "commando" card and even showed Bret the goods.

Daisy was a blubbering bag of surgical "enhancements" as always. While I was watching this human tragedy with my lovely wife, I wondered to myself why I watch such garbage. But, then I remembered it's entertaining to watch women throw themselves at a man they barely know, act like idiots on television and actually make themselves look like total white trash.

Don't get me wrong ROL2 was totally awesome while it lasted. But, why would anyone want to put themselves through that and be tagged socially like that? I just hope there will be a Rock of Love 3 if it doesn't work out with Bret and Ambre, which I'm sure it won't work out. Or, at least a series chronicling their romance.

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