Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Fleet Foxes

Details of the new self-titled Fleet Foxes album are coming to light. I say that like it some kind of international intrigue involving a spy agency. It really only involves you, me and Stereogum.

They have released the first song, "White Winter Hymnal," from their eponomous LP. If you have listened to any of their Sun Giant EP then you will see "White Winter Hymnal" is not really breaking new ground. This song is just as good as anything on Sun Giant. (Stereogum)

01 Sun It Rises
02 White Winter Hymnal
03 Ragged Wood
04 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
05 Quiet Houses
06 He Doesn't Know Why
07 Heard Them Stirring
08 Your Protector
09 Meadowlarks
10 Blue Ridge Mountains
11 Oliver James

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