Tuesday, April 1, 2008

100 Damned Guns

100 Damned Guns are probably one of my most favorite local bands. I was introduced to them through my wife. And as much as I hate to admit when she's right, she was right about these guys. They put on one of the best shows around and their version of the traditional "Hard To Tell" is one of the best things ever.

They have a combination of rock attitude, old country swagger and Mick Jagger showmanship. They mainly play the Ft. Worth area, and Dallas a little. But, you really should check out one of their shows, because believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Click on their picture above and it will take you to their Myspace page where they have a new song "One More Time." It's excellent.

You can pick up their debut album Songs of Pain, Murder and Woe here.

100 Damned Guns - Skies Are Never Gray (mp3)

100 Damned Guns - Ain't Goin' Back To Jail (mp3)

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