Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pearl Jam Announce East Coast Tour

Okay, soooooooo, I'm not so sure what the Southern/Southwestern part of the United States did to piss off Pearl Jam; but, they apparently aren't into us that much. You can say they don't sell out shows as much, but, you'd be wrong. The last two shows I attended, Oklahoma City and Dallas, in 2003 were almost completely sold out.

So, today I see they've announced they are going on a month long East Coast tour. Ed, Stoney, Jeff, Mike and Matt...WILL YOU GUYS PLEASE COME BACK THIS WAY?!

I would love to see them at MSG, but, I don't be havin' the money.  (

Pearl Jam - Come Back (mp3)

6/11/08 West Palm, FL @ Cruzan Ampitheater
6/12/08 Tampa, FL @ St. Pete Forum
6/12-15/08 Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo
6/16/08 Columbia, SC @ Colonial Ctr.
6/17/08 Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Amp.
6/19/08 Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna
6/22/08 Washington, DC @ Verizon Center
6/24/08 New York City, NY @ MSG Arena
6/25/08 New York City, NY @ MSG Arena
6/27/08 Hartford, CT @ Dodge Ampitheater
6/30/08 Mansfield, MA @ Tweeter Center

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