Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Laura Nelson Can Kick Your Ass!

*Update* Sorry, but the Youtube link doesn't work anymore because some weiner took down that video. It was awesome though.

This has to be the greatest semi-brawl I've seen since college. At least in a beer joint kind of way. It makes me think this could've happened at The Hangar or The Red Barn. You see Laura Nelson, Willie's daughter, was performing at Saxon' s Pub in Austin when a very drunk patron got on the stage and wouldn't leave. But, to be fair, Operation: Chuck Norris Kick took very little time to begin. They basically asked him to get off the stage and when he didn't do it within one second he got kicked. But, she had the right to give it to him. (Idolator)

Although, I really wish I had video of the time my friend got whiskey drunk, jumped on stage as David Alan Coe was playing, and got into a fight with him onstage.

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