Thursday, March 6, 2008


Who says you can't mix a little bango with funk horns and indie-pop style? Hymns, a New York quartet do just that. When I first heard the funky horns "Can't Be What You Want" I thought it was the coming of a happier version of Morphine. But, then the banjo kicked in and I was on a whole new trip man.

Brian Harding's vocals remind me a little bit of "Friend of The Devil" Grateful Dead. They have a nice folky-funk-indie-pop style on "Can't Be What You Want" but, other songs such as "LA or Babette Strange" suggest more alt-country leanings.

Their new album Travel In Herds is out now on Blackland Records. You can buy it here.

3/6/08 Denton @ Rubber Gloves
3/11/08 Dallas @ Good Records (in-store)
3/11/08 Dallas @ Sons of Herman Hall
3/13/08 Austin @ SXSW: wire music party
3/13/08 Austin @ Bird's Barber Shop
3/15/08 Austin @ Red Fez
3/15/08 Austin @ Cream Vintage Clothing
3/15/08 Austin @ Cedar Door (Showcase)
3/16/08 Dallas @ Lakewood Bar & Grill
3/18/08 Nashville @ Mercy Lounge
3/19/08 Atlanta @ Star Bar
3/20/08 Charlotte @ The Milestone
3/21/08 Raleigh @ Slim's Downtown
3/28/08 Brooklyn @ Southpaw

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