Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fleet Foxes at The Loft

I got to see the wonderful Fleet Foxes this past Thursday at The Loft.  It was such a wonderful show!  I was really surprised how many people were there.  I'm not sure that it was sold out, but, it was pretty well packed.  It was great to see the reaction the band had when the crowd cheered and whistled when they would play certain songs.  They seemed to be genuinely grateful to the reaction.  They also told some pretty good stories in between songs.  One story even referenced the Degoba System.  The other was the story of bass players dad telling him via text message he was going to get a sex change.  But, it was just a fatherly ploy to get his son to call him.  Way to go pop!

Unlike the curse of the old Gypsy Tea Room, there was a very reverential vibe going on, there wasn't much talking from the crowd while the band played or in between songs.  So, that was nice considering the high hipster count that night.

The Foxes played pretty much everything they've released.  Which isn't a lot since they only have an EP and LP to their credit.  The vocals were flawless, they translated live almost as well as they do recorded.

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