Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Don't Want To Get Off on a Rant Here...

How does Austin get two music festivals a year and the DFW metroplex gets nothing? Austin has the Fun Fun Fun Festival and the totally righteous Austin City Limits Festival.

Dallas, Denton and Ft. Worth all have good local bands. Can't a promoter somewhere find a way to encompass the best band of these three cities and get some major acts to throw a party? Last year Ft. Worth had the Wall of Sound Festival that was mad decent, but poorly attended. Can't they bring that festival closer to Dallas and Denton? I mean, if fucking Pryor, Oklahoma can get a festival why can the Metroplex? I mean surely we could have something to get the dude in the abover picture excited, right?

Please, someone take up this cause. I would, but, I don't be havin' no clout in the biz.


nane said...

pryor gets a festival because it's in god's country.

p.s. that was an f.y.i.

Cindy Chafffin said...

Honey, we've tried and tried. Fair Park, for example, would be a great place to do it.

Having been doing this thing (booking bands/venues/blog/promotion/etc.) for nearly 8 years, I can tell ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

We even talked with the Mayor, offering up some figures as to what SXSW brings to Austin, revenue-wise, but he didn't seem to get it.

Life in Deep Ellum made an attempt last year, but it was really poorly attended as well.

Lance over at Spune had been doing the Wall of Sound Fest least 5, maybe 6 years now and it grew from a smallish event to the one he did this year.

I've got hope with this next generation, but for now, Dallas is simply a good place to eat and shop. Too bad some of the most talented musicians/bands live in, I'm a real downer, eh?

That guy who does the FunFunFunFest really does a great job. He also started small and now look at'him go!