Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Comin' Back Around Again!

Zach de la Rocha is finally releasing a "solo" album.  He's teamed up with ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore.  He will release the five song EP One Day as a Lion.  I'm sure (hope) it's going to be the socially and politically charged music he's known for.  

I just wish he would've been making music for the last 8 years under Dubya's watch.  You know, politically leftist music during a time of extreme right leadership.  I'm no expert, but, that prolly would've been the best time to do that kind of thing.  (Ultra8201)

Anyhoo, the album comes out July 22.  

One Day as a Lion track listing:

1. Wild International
2. Ocean View
3. Last Letter
4. If You Fear Dying
5. One Day as a Lion

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