Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Rock of Love?

That's right, bitches! Another season of Rock of Love will be upon us! It seems like Mr. Wig and his "girlfriend, " Ambre Lake, from the last season have broken up. I know, sad right? Totally unexpected!

But, this season all the strippers, old 80's "metal" chicks, single mom (Did I already mention strippers?) will all be out to win Bret's heart. This time the "ladies" of RoL will be on a bus following Bret around the country on a month long tour. I wonder if they will have a contest to see who doesn't throw up while cleaning out the buses septic tank?

Anyhoo, I'm sure Big John will be tagging along as always trying to pick up the sloppy seconds. Hey-O! (Rock & Roll Daily)

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