Friday, July 18, 2008


Wayne Coyne recently spoke with Spinner about a few songs they have worked on for their follow up to At War With The Mystics. Wayne was typcially Wayne and said true/funny shit like this regarding one of the new tracks:
"It's called 'Smoking Crystal Meth Obliterates the Ability to Enjoy Nature,'" Coyne told Spinner about one of the new numbers. "I live in probably one of the worst neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. I've lived here my whole life, but you know, you get exposed to the worst elements and all that s---. What canyou do?"

Then he had this to say about music changing the world and the tenatively titled "I Don't Understand Karma":
"Where he (John Lennon) would sing about 'Instant Karma' -- I'm 47. People forget he died when he was 40 and a lot of his overly optimistic, 'We are gonna fucking change the world' sort of stuff came in his 30s," Coyne said. "I think they believed some of what they were singing about would change the world, but after a while you realize music doesn't change the world. Music is just music, and changing the world is a big, tall, slow, boring thing, and frankly I don't know the world needs changing. The world is great. It's people that suck."

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nane said...

wayne coyne is my homeboy!

p.s. he lives in gods country