Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh What a Night

The Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase this past Saturday was a blast. I pretty much camped out at the Sugar Shack (hey $1 beers are a big draw for me, okay?). But, I got to see some amazing bands.

I was beyond impressed with the Backsliders. Kim Pendleton-Bonner has an amazing raspy, sassy voice that will knock the socks off anybody. Sydney Confirm was also high on my list. I wasn’t aware of their music but was very impressed with their take on live dance music. The Shack really got shakin’ once these boys got their beats revved up.

What was up with Dove Hunter? They were supposed to be on after Sydney and before PPT. But, that didn’t happen. At that point I started to get a lil bit tired and had to vacate the venue. But, the few songs I heard by the former PPT crew were outstanding. I just wish I could’ve stayed longer and enjoyed all the bands on the bill.

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