Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Boxing Lesson "Dark Side of The Moog" Vidie

Those crazy Austin kids!  The last time I heard from The Boxing Lesson was when they released their completely awesome video for "Dancing With Meow."  While "Dancing With Meow" was like the a more trippy version of Josh Wink's "Simple Man" video.  Now they've released another innovative video for "Dark Side of The Moog."  

This animated video shows what happens to Major Tom if he actually made it to another planet...and had two co-pilots.  But, the video unknowingly preys upon something that has freaked me out since childhood--giant Spiders.  I know spiders as big as a VW Beetle aren't real, but, whether they are animated or crafted from an FX studio they still freak me out.  But, I digress.  

The video is super good.

The Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog from Eric Power on Vimeo.

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