Thursday, November 13, 2008

"...Speaking as a child of the 90's"

So, I don't really know a whole lot about Mike Watt other than he was in the Minutemen then struck out on his own.  Oh, and once my brother saw him play somewhere and some dude kept yelling "Mike, where's Jay?!" several times throughout the show.  To which mike finally told him he was in a new band or something.

So, I was looking around for "The Golden State" mp3 when I happened upon this little gem from Berkeley Place--a live show of Watt's from '95 featuring Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and William Goldsmith of Sunny Day Real Estate!  I believe the writer put it perfectly when he said it's a "grunge supergroup."  Indeed.  But, I listened to their version of Pearl Jam's "Habit" and I really liked it.  Mike's hittin' the bass a little to hard, but, that's what punks do, right?  But, the best part comes when I believe Watt is the one who says the line "Speaking as a child of the 90's," excellente. 

MP3: Mike Watt & Friends - Habit

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