Sunday, November 9, 2008

Elkhart, Jason Bales and Eastwood

So, last night I took myself down to Club Dada to check out what turned out to be a great night of music.  Well, except for the very first band.  I never got their name and apparently the singer never got singing lessons.  Dude, you got heart, I give you that.  But, next time you might want to bring a bucket with you to carry a tune in.  But, I digress.

The second band was Elkhart and I was impressed right away by their live set.  They have the Americana rootsy vibe without the typical voice associated with it.  Travis Hopper is a good singer, his voice reminds me of an Roots/Americana version of Thom Yorke, except Travis doesn't have a crazy eye.  That being said, I was totally blown away by their version of Radiohead's "House of Cards."  I've been checking out their album The Moon today and it's quite tasty.

Last night was my first exposure to Mr. Jason Bales and I was more than impressed with this guy.  He's got a rockin' set that to me was a mix of Red Dirt and Texas Country.  I could be way off base, but, that's the way it hit me.  I will definitely get more music from Mr. Bales and check out his live set again.  His set was pretty rockin' last night.

But, the headliners of the night were Eastwood--the tallest band in Dallas music.  I got to hang out with the guys a little before the show and I've never felt so short in my life!  Kevin has to be at least 6'9".  Their set was as good live as it is on record.  For guys who hold down day jobs and get their rock and roll jollies out on the weekend they are blessed with a lot of talent.  I can't wait to check out their show at the Barley House next month.  

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