Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Q-Tip Tonight!

Tonight is the Q-Tip show at the House of Snooze and I can't wait! I never got to see A Tribe Called Quest back in the day or on their recent, this is the next best thing. Besides, e'rybody know Tip's the main man anyway.

Here is his newest vidie off The Renaissance, called "Renaissance Rap." Nice. It's like Q-Tip's version of the Bourne series. I'll be covering the show for DC9 and I'll post a link to the "Last Night Review" tomorrow once it's posted.

*EDIT* Here is the link to the "Last Night Review" for the show on DC9.

One thing I forgot to write in my review was the greatness/awkwardness of "Sucka Nigga." That's one of my favorite tunes off of Midnight Marauders, but, it was super awkward to be a Caucasian singing it. It was one of those "should I?" moments. So, I just went with it. It's not everyday Q-Tip is 10 feet in front of me, ya know?


Subservient Experiment said...

Just read your DC9 review. Good stuff. That sure was one hell of a show last night.


Anonymous said...

LOL's at caucasion.