Monday, November 24, 2008

Hello From Home

So, I was a-readin' E Dub today and they had a very interesting article...about Blake Shelton.  Yep, that's right, product of the Nashville Music Machine, cookie-country country music star...that Blake Shelton.  

Now, I don't really dig on that type of music (the Nashville Machine part), but, he now lives in my hometown of Tishomingo, OK.  He's from Ada, OK (hometown of the Jeremy Shockey).  He didn't actually talk about my hometown, but, he did reference where he lives now, a place full of ranchers and cowboys.  It was just cool to see him at least reference your home town that as big as a two neighborhoods here.

His ringtone is AC/DC, which reminds me of parties back then.  If you drove up to a party blaring Back In Black or anything by Hank Jr. you could get into just about any party.  Ahhhhhh home, sometimes I miss thee.

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