Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ugly Name, Beautiful Music

Don't let the name The Uglysuit fool you, this Oklahoma City band makes the beautiful music, my friends.  I had seen their name tossed around on Oklahoma Rock Blog, and when I checked them out on Myspace, I saw the descriptor "psychedelic" and I thought 'meh, no thanks.'  I didn't need to go through anything like their Norman brethren the Evangelicals again.  But, I checked out their Daytrotter Session from yesterday and was blown the eff back.  Looks like the band was worthy of their feature on the "Breaking Blog" on Rollingstone.com.

I'm not sure where the "psychedelic" description comes in--unless it's regarding the Polyphonic Spree-like choral harmonies.  But, as I get through my second repeat listening of their debut album The Uglysuit, I would have to say they share more in common with the sunny sounds of the 60's California pop sound...or that new dang-fangled indie-pop sound (Think the Afternoon Naps mixed with the Beach Boys) the kids keep talking about.  

One thing I will say is: do NOT sleep on this band!  Their album is worth an immediate download from iTunes or buy the CD (yes, it's that good I shit you not).  

Oh, and check out their video for "Chicago" below.

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