Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Broken West Daytrotter Session

The Broken West's sophomore album Now or Heaven has been on heavy rotation here for quite a while.  So, I was pleased as punch to see they were todays latest artists to be featured on ye old Daytrotter Sessions.  

However, I wasn't so excited when I heard the new version of "Gwen, Now And Then" (my favorite cut off the new album).  Why?  Because it was so different from the recorded version!  But, about half way in, I started to realize it was just like a garden and I started to dig it, man.  But, the reasoning behind the reworking was splained thusly:

When we first started rehearsing this song during the sessions for the new record, it had this really strong, driving drum part. Kind of like The Cure’s “Close to Me”. But then the song got really stripped down — we lost that beat and ended up using this drum loop for most of the track. I’m happy with the way it turned out on the record, but we thought it would be fun to go back to that big beat. So we came into the Daytrotter session knowing that we wanted to try it that way; that’s about the only thing we knew we wanted to do for sure. Then Danny came up with this really awesome, percussive guitar part on the fly, and it all sort of came together. I really like the way it turned out — I’d kind of like to play it like this live from time to time.
You can download the tracks here.  

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Amanda W said...

That's a great album! These guys have a ton of potential. I'm looking forward to the follow up already.