Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Centro-Matic "Rat Patrol and DJs" Video

Yep, it's a day for videos here at BFD.  I posted about this vidie over at DC9, but, I wanted to bring it to the fine people who read BFD everyday.  (I know who you are, and I love the Baptist Covention.)  But, I really, really dig this video.  I think it's great how Will and the boys did their hometown of Denton up right and featured Dan's Silverleaf in it.  And, I do think visually it's a great video.  I dig the colors, I dig the animation, I dig the fact that Will Johnson isn't actually singing along with the song--in short it's a great video.  Subterranean should do it justice and get it on the next episode toot sweet.

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