Friday, October 31, 2008

Kings of Leon

Apparently I did something I shouldn't have because my post I made about KoL from Wednesday is gone. Poof! But, the show was bad ass and probably the best show of theirs I've seen. I also apparently missed Nathan throwing the upside down horns at the end of the show. Ah, love my Sooner fans.

I met a bunch of great peeps there, and I can't remember their names. But, there were actually a lot of really cool people at the show. Not your typical to cool for school Dallas kids. Oh, and to Bailey the bartender--I love you!

You can read my "Last Night Review" of the show here.

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Anonymous said...

It's me, Lana, we met last night at the show. You bought me a couple of drinks and we talked for a bit after the show. I know you gave me your cell number but somehow it didn't get saved! Must've been the drinks! Totally your fault. Anyway, lunch sometime would be great as we do work so close together :-D