Thursday, October 2, 2008

Live Beck Y'all!

It amazes me how many amazing shows Heather Browne over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends gets her little hands on.  The truly amazing thing is they are always good quality bootlegs, not a lot of crowd noise and such.  
That being said, she has another choice boot up on her blog: Beck - Union Chapel London 2003.  It's extremely high quality and sounds like it came straight off the sound board.  This is from the Sea Change tour--the one with Oklahoma City's own Flaming Lips serving as his back up band.  But, I think that was on the American part of the tour, so I don't know if they are backing him up on this one.  I'm listening to it as I type this and "The Golden Age" is amazing.  But, since was from the Sea Change tour, it's prolly going to be a little more low key than your typical Beck Hanson tour.  This will make a nice little boot to listen to out on the back porch, fire crackling in the fire bowl and me sippin' on some ol' cold beer--excellent Fall music.

I was actually suppose to see him and the Lips at Will Rogers Auditorium in Ft. Worth.  I had just moved to Dallas and my buddy, his friends and my brother were coming down to see the show and they had my ticket.  The show was starting and they were no where in sight.  I kept trying to reach my buddy on his cellular phone device and couldn't reach him.  So, I was pissed because I didn't know if they were inside or just ditched me--so I left.  Yep, acted like a douche, I know.  

So, I can act like I got to see him on that tour and make up pictures in my head.  Or, you can go here and get it and love it yourself.

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nane said...

i wish i could slap that picture and tell him, "MY EYES ARE UP HERE!!!"