Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah Jaffe/MATAS at Good Records

Yesterday I met up with the gorgeous Cindy Chaffin of Life Outside The Bubble and caught the in-store appreance of "Yeah, They Local" vet Sarah Jaffe and Matthew and The Arrogant Sea at Good Records.

First off, Sarah Jaffe is just as amazing live as she is on record.  She was accompanied on stage with fellow Denton musician Robert Gomez.  What was most impressive to me about Jaffe is how effortlessly she sings.  Like Alison Krauss, Sarah seems to belt out every note from one song to the next easily as if that's what her voice was created to do.  It was funny, she was in the middle of a song and the phone rang at the front counter, and without missing a beat Sarah added "You better get that" with a sly smile.  Amazing voice and she's a really great talent.

It was a treat to see the main attraction of the afternoon (no, not the free beer), Matthew and The Arrogant Sea.  They have been compared to the Flaming Lips, and lyrically, the comparision isn't far off base.  When you sing lines like "My best friends are aliens" you run the chance of disaffecting listeners, just like the Flaming Lips.  ("She Don't Use Jelly" anyone?)  But, if you listen for just the music that's where MATAS really shine.  And when you have seven peeps in your band you're sure as hell going to make one hell of a noise.  Listening to MATAS is completely different from comparing record to live performance.  That's like comparing Crocs to Penny Loafers.  Live, MATAS are full of energy, loud and electric.  On record, the energy is there the music is more acoustic and folky.

But, all in all it was a great day to see the local kids get they show on.  Oh, and I may have a little surprise coming up for you soon regarding Matthew and The Arrogant Sea.

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