Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Band of Horses In Studio--Soonish

It's weird that I saw this article this afternoon because I was just wondering about a new BoH album this weekend as I dominated on Madden '08. As I listened to Everything All The Time this past weekend my mind drifted away wondering when BoH would release a new record. I thought about when their last album came out, then did a little math and hoped it might come out next year (and I gave up a long pass since I wasn't paying attention to the game). Well, it looks like it might

The band will start recording material for their third album toward the end of the month Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama. Roll tide! That is the studio where the Rollings Stones made some of their best music: Brown Sugar, Sticky Fingers and Wild Horses. Wilson Pickett also recorded there, Paul Simon, the great Etta James and others. I'm hoping the sessions will produce a better album that Cease To Begin. I liked the album, just not as much as Everything All The Time. (Rock Daily)

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nane said...

cease to begin in my humble opinion is better than everthing all the time. i even played "marry song" as my first song at my wedding reception!