Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today, I Weep!

Today is a truly sad day in my world--I just found out that CD World has shuttered their doors! I can't tell you the untold hundreds of dollars I spent at that place. They had one of the best, most knowledgable staff in town. I love me some Good Records, but, it was nice to be able to go into CD World and get a CD for $8, ya know? And, I also found a lot of old Pearl Jam bootlegs there which I bought in spades.

I even loved the smell of the Nag Chompa that would be stuck in my nose for an hour after I left there. And I hate Nag Chompa! It's just a sad day. But, ownder Mike Schoder still brings the good times to the Granada. But, I'll miss the ol' CD World my friends.

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Leslie said...

That's a real tragedy.