Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Not Sure Where It Started

I'm not sure where my fondness for singer-songwriter, folk, Americana came from. Maybe it's just a product of me getting older and not wanting to listen to shit like Fall Out Boy or A Bird A Sparrow. But, I do still like to rock, just not as much as I use to. It's weird when you use to think I loved to listen to Rage Against The Machine and Ice Cube as loud as it could possibly be and now I'd like to just sit back and drink some beer and listen to My Morning Jacket.

What's the point you ask? Yesteday on the way home my friend turned me onto a band I had read about, but had not listened to until yesterday--Great Lake Swimmers. They really appeal to my Americana and Folky side that I've come to embrace. Tony Dekkers voice reminds me of Mat Brook from Grand Archives or Jim James, just a great, great voice. Oh, and the music is great too.

MP3: Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Shaking from Great Lake Swimmers

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